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Top 10 WordPress Pulgin Websites


WordPress is No.1 website for pulgin and themes. On This website many type of pulgin are available, these pulgin are very useful for your wordpress theme. On this website 26,752 plugins are available, these pulgins very helpful your website.


Make Use Of

On this website you will find the best wordpress pulgins. These are most important pulgins are available on this website.

makeuse of

1.      The best pulgins Backup and Optimize
2.      Best WordPress themes Pulgins For SEO
3.      Social and Commenting
4.      Core Functionality
5.      E-Commerce
6.      Photography and Galleries
7.      Random


Digital inspiration (labnol.org) India’s no.1 blogs. This website always update list of the best wordpress pulgins. The best latest update wordpress pulgins on this site are:


1.      Search Regex
2.      Redirection
3.      Yoast SEO
4.      W3 Total Cache
5.      404 Email Notifier
6.      Slide Share
7.      Smart Youtube
8.      YARRP
9.      WordPress Optimize
10.  Adminer
11.  Etc.

Tech Delete

On this website you can download main wordpress plugin these plugin very helpful for your website.

tech delete

Top 5 Most Popular Plugin for your wordpress website

  1. X Cloner Backup and Restore
  2. WOW Slider
  3. Really Simple Twitter feed Widget
  4. Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin
  5. Related Post

Tip and Tricks HQ

This blog give a list of the top and most useable wordpress pulgins. Following These pulgins you can find out which plugins should be use for improve your website.

tip and trick

1.      Data Base and File Backup Pulgins
2.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3.      Blog Statistics Related
4.      Caching Plungin
5.      Blog Security Plugin
6.      RSS Subscription Plugin
7.      Contact Form Plugin
8.      Social Networking Plugin
9.      For Google Adsense Plugin
10.  Photo Galleries, Ecommerce, Paypal Donation and Payment Plugin
11.  Membership and Affiliated Related Pulgin.

Marketing Tech Blog

For a protracted time, we’ve got watched as some WordPress plugin quality has been driven by personal or consumer-based installations. What concerning business? There ar a series of plugins that may be leveraged for driving nice results for businesses. we’ve got place along an inventory of our favorite plugins that we have a tendency to believe alter WordPress business users to make the most their content and drive results through search engines and social media, via mobile, pill or desktop… and absolutely integrate their social and video ways.

marketing tech blog

  1. Google Analytics for WordPress
  2. Advanced Custom Fields
  3. Akismet
  4. Image Rotator Widget
  5. CTA Buttons
  6. Formstack
  7. Teleport
  8. WPTouch
  9. Cookillian
  10. WordPress SEO
  11. WP Robots
  12. Co-Authors Plus
  13. Disqus
  14. Facebook
  15. Swipp
  16. Jetpack
  17. Outbrain
  18. Pinterest Pin-It Button
  19. WP Socialite
  20. WP to Buffer
  21.     21.  YouTube Sidebar Widget

Manage WordPress

This website provide to top 10 latest wordpress pulgin of the year 2013 Edition.

manage wp

1.      WP Content Copy Protection
2.      BJ Lazy Load
3.      AddThis Welcome Bar
4.      Developer
5.      Google CSE
6.      Sendola
7.      Barc Chat
8.      Stealth Login Page
9.      Advanced Settings
10.  SEO Plugin by Squirrly

Penguin Initiatives

This blog free top 20 any type of wordpress website pulgin are available on this website.


WordPress VKP

 Top 5 best wordpress SEO pulgins are available on this website.


State Of Search

Top 6 wordpress backup plugins  are available on this website.

state search


Anurag Rathod Hi This is Anurag Rathod from Aligarh (U.P) India. founder & Author of www.gobestonline.in and also founder & Author of this www.kidscomicstory.com and a professionally blogger.

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